Sex And Your Period? Go For It!

1297383085395_ORIGINALIf you have been resistant to having sex during your period, you may want to think twice about that. Not only is it perfectly safe, but it can actually have a few benefits. Convincing your man will probably not take much either; in a recent survey, 75% of men said they have no problem with sex during their partner’s monthly flow. So read on to find out what you need to know about getting busy during that time of the month.

Doctors Say- It is perfectly safe to have sex during your period; in fact, many women experience an increase in libido and sensation during this time as estrogen and testosterone hormones begin to rise toward the end of your period.

Less Mess- Let’s be honest, sex during your period can be a messy proposition. To help minimize this, place a towel underneath you and do the deed in the missionary position, gravity will help minimize the flow. You can also try wearing a menstrual cup or female condom, or if you want to avoid the mess entirely, head to the shower to get your groove on. Not only does the water keep everything clean, but sex in the shower can be an enormous turn-on.

On a Positive Note- One good thing about sex during your period? No need for lubricants since your menstrual flow can act as a natural lubricant. You can also skip the Tylenol- an orgasm releases oxytocin and dopamine which act as natural pain killers and have been shown to decrease menstrual cramps. And as if you need more reason to engage in a little hanky panky during your period, it can actually help shorten your period. Each contraction of the uterus during an orgasm helps to expel more of your uterine lining, which is why you may see extra blood and clumps after intercourse; don’t be alarmed, it is perfectly normal.

Say It Isn’t So- You have probably heard the age old myth that you can’t get pregnant during your period, but be warned, that is completely untrue. While it is much less likely, you can in fact get pregnant from having sex during your period, so continue with whatever birth control you normally use.

The next time your monthly flow arrives, don’t hesitate to go for it; you wouldn’t want to miss all of the benefits, after all.

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